About Bayside Initiatives Group Inc.

Since 2000, BIG has been supporting mental health consumers throughout the Redland and Bayside areas by offering one-on-one and group peer support, advocating on behalf of our members, encouraging participation in positive social networks and community events, and most importantly, providing a welcoming sanctuary where members can feel safe and included.

Bayside Initiatives Group aims to:

  • Help you identify your interests, strengths an passions to enable you to reach your potential in life;
  • Offer a variety of fun, empowering and therapeutic programs focused on positive mental health outcomes; 
  • Help you to understand your rights as a mental health consumer;
  • Offer consumers with pathways and projects that improve mental health services.
  • Help you to develop positive social networks, make friends and feel less isolated.

Members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of initiatives to address mental health issues, including:

  • Professional development for health service personnel;
  • Representing BIG in health and disability organisations;
  • Mental health presentations in the public and private sectors.
  • Promotional and awareness campaigns targeted towards mental health consumers and the general public.

During the year BIG participates in community events including:

  • Thrive By The Bay
  • The Bay Islands Multicultural Festival
  • Mental Health Forums
  • Redlands Spring Festival
  • Mental Health Week


– Some facts –

  • One person in five will experience mental health issues in their life time.
  • There are different types of mental health issues, different causes and different types of treatment.
  • Some people will experience mental health issues just once, for others it may be recurrent, while some experience long-term symptoms.
  • Mental health issues can cause distress and challenges for the person experiencing it, as well as their family, friends and colleagues.
  • Help is available; ask your local doctor, mental health service, psychologist or psychiatrist.