Bayside Consumer and Carer Advisory Group



The Bayside Consumer and Carer Advisory Group, otherwise known as BCCAG, is a group of  consumers and carers who have come together to have a say in the way that mental health services are delivered in the Redlands. We stand alongside mental health professionals, working together to build a more informed service for the future.

The BCCAG is a platform for consumers and carers to provide feedback on services they have recieved, raise issues unique to the mental health community and to advocate on behalf of other consumers and carers regarding issues in the mental health system. The BCCAG is also a pathway for service providers to discuss issues with consumers and carers, seek feedback and input into new programs and initiatives and inform them of important changes in the mental health system.

The BCCAG meets 10am - 11am on the second Monday every 2 months.


Bayside Initiatives Group Inc.
8 / 37 Veronica St.
Capalaba, QLD 4157

For more information contact BIG on:
(07) 3390 1116
0499 747 000