Big Red - is Brook RED’s centre on the Bayside,
a peer-operated community supporting holistic
recovery from a mental health concern.  

We use the unique insights and connections that a peer perspective provides in all of our work.

Meet the Team - Bayside Initiatives Group Inc. BIG - a peer operated mental health service on Brisbane's Bayside area. QLD's first mental health community service run entirely by people with a lived experience of mental health issues. The last service of it's kind in the Redlands. Redland City's only drop-in centre  Community House where people who experience mental ill health and are working on recovery can come together in mutual support and understanding and build brighter futures that enrich the lives of everyone in the BIG Community. Samuel Walker, Patsy Hanrahan, Monica Quinton, Matthew Pommeranz, Stephanie van Oyen.

We walk together on the journey of recovery.

We hold strong to the values of hope, self determination, empowerment, connection and support.