Outreach @ Yugaipa

Outreach @ Yugaipa.jpg

Every fortnight one of our trained peer workers will be visiting Yugaipa, the mental health inpatient unit at Redland Hospital, to provide peer support to consumers and help them prepare for discharge.

Through this outreach service BIG aims to encourage effective communication and information delivery for consumers, while assisting them to reintegrate back into the community by facilitating positive social networks, access and referral to community-based services and developing individual support systems.

By offering our unique brand of peer-support based service to consumers at Yugaipa, our goal is to foster a sense of hope and promote a recovery-centred point of view which will support mental health consumers both inside and outside of the clinical environment. We do this by working in partnership with the team at Metro South Health to achieve the best possible health outcomes for people who have experienced acute mental health issues.

For more information contact BIG on:
Ph: (07) 3390 1116
Mob: 0499 747 000
Email: enquiries@big-inc.org.au